Sunday, December 15, 2013

What's in 30 minutes? #betterme #hp

One rare Wednesday morning, I got to spend a few hours with these fabulous ladies, and got myself a brand new Hewlett Packard printer - all because we (especially Coach Pia and HP who dedicated their careers to this) are all in the pursuit of a "better me."

In this session, Coach Pia talks about building our children's self esteem... but one thing really struck me from the session, and that realization actually won me a printer!

My own HP3545! Spot my winning piece.


Coach Pia says spend 30 minutes each day with your child, doing what they love. This came at a very opportune time. I had just been asked recently, "how much time in a day do you need to spend with your kids to say it's enough?"

I try to spend time with my kids every day doing some kind of activity they enjoy. I've always felt obliged to do that given the 10-12 hours each day that I spend away from them. The activities, although they are meant for them, are usually enjoyable for me too. I look forward to these times... perhaps as much as my kids do. I know they also enjoy it too because the last things they would tell me in the morning, before I leave for work are instructions on what we will do later "tonight."

Coloring is always a favorite activity.

Coloring is always a favorite activity.

Any kind of art activity is actually welcome for my girls....

Who didn't grow up playing "bahay-bahayan?"

When I am particularly tired, we opt for reading.

It seems like such a simple instruction, but I bet you, a lot of mommies out there are guilty of NOT doing this. Especially for working moms like me. For me it boils down to just 1 hour a day but still so difficult to fulfill. I cheat a lot... How? Here's some of the things I try to do. If you can help it, don't copy me! But if you're like me - who has a hundred and ten things running through your mind all the time, these may help!

1. Split up the time. I spend a little time with my kids in the morning before I leave for work. The most complicated activity we could do, though, is to read a book. Most of the time, it would just be random talking. In the evenings, I spend a longer time with them with more planned activities.

2. If they really love an activity, maybe you can multitask. My daughters love playing inside my closet. They pretend it's their house or it's their spaceship. It really helps to "spend time" with them while I get ready for work. They shout out to me while playing but are usually too preoccupied by the entire thing to even mind me. Most people would say, though, when it comes to your kids, DO NOT multitask. I warned you!

3. Sometimes, they just want to watch you. When my eldest daughter wakes up and sees I am all dressed up for work, she would feel sad. She likes watching me get ready, and considers it part of her morning routine. When I am around, my daughters like to be around me. I guess just sharing and breathing the same air is considered time together too.

4. Combine the time. If you have multiple kids, 30 minutes each day can be a challenge. Most people today have between 1 to 3, I think that's manageable. But what about those who have 4? I know someone who has 10! Yep, it's a full time job. My kids don't always want to do the same thing. That means, I have to split up. Just as long as their activities do not require me to be in two places at the same time, I usually manage. It helps (a little) that at this stage, my little one is still a little copycat. She wants to do everything that her sister does. As they get older, this could become a challenge. So... I try to enjoy it while it lasts.

5. Use gadgets and technology. And I don't mean your smartphone or tablet. I'm sure moms all over the world cheered the invention of the rice cooker, the slow cooker, the microwave oven, the vacuum cleaner... Anything that would make doing chores easier. I remember when I had to do reports using Wordstar and print using a dot matrix printer. Everything took so much time! That need not be the case today.

The last point above is one of the many reasons why HP had teamed up with Coach Pia, to talk about a "better me." It's also what motivates them to market the printer for the home, and to moms. Yes, to moms. You don't know it yet but the printer will become one of your best gadget allies when your kids become school aged. If you don't believe me, check out this video. 

Although it's a dad who is on the video... it could very well be you or me. I even see myself in the shoes of the child. I remember long nights... Waiting for the dot matrix to print. And it always managed to conk out when the report is due the next day.

With HP printers, this need not be the case! The printer I won, the HP3545, is the most basic of the printers in "printable capable" line. But basic does not mean basic in HP's terms... Their basic is actually pretty awesome compared to most other printers. Some of the features that I am most impressed about are:

1. HP Wireless Printing. Just the other day, I had to print two vouchers from Deal Grocer. Since only my husband's computer is set up to access the printer, I had to send the vouchers from my tablet to my husband's email. Once he received it, he had to connect the cable to the printer, before he could actually print. (This is why I told him we should get rid of his printer and start using mine.)

2. HP ePrint. Print on your home computer from virtually anywhere. For authorization letters, emergency homework (and you had to do overtime)... Need I say more?

3. HP Printables. This. This I am most excited about. You can print even without accessing a device. Print straight from the printer. Yes, the printer itself is connected to internet. Cool, right? Even before I won the printer, I was already devicing ways in my mind to convince hubby to get rid of his printer and change to HP. (Ssshh.) 

I can definitely sense that my new HP3545 will be of great help. I'm already imagining how I can send practice worksheets to print before I get home so I save 30mins of making woksheets manually.

Check out the features of the HP3545 and other HP printers here.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pictures and Memories

I'm generally not a person who likes having my picture taken. It's not something I am naturally good at (smiling at a camera). Having said that, I do like pictures a lot though... they are like an extension of our memories. I love taking pictures when travelling - objects, sceneries, signs, people... It's part of the stories I want to tell when I am older. It's also part of the memories I want to go back to when I am old and gray, and cannot go back to those places anymore. 

This is the same angst we have for our kids. Quoting my husband, "they will be never be this small again." I try to have professionally taken pictures of (and with) the kids once or twice each year. It's a personal choice because I only own a point and shoot camera (and Inhave yet to learn all it's features); a lot of the pictures I take of the kids are via my iPhone (signs of the times). We rarely get to see physical print outs, properly laid out photos here! This is why it's such a treat to have professionals do it for you.

Recently, The Picture Company offered to give the SoMoms a photosession with their kids and families, plus let us enjoy some member benefits for a short period of time. I've had one or two photo sessions with The Picture Company in the past, but we haven't gone back since I had my second child. I took up the offer - it was high time we had another photo session this year. It's also always nice to have new pictures to share with family and friends as we close the year too.

I think they have changed their process a little recently, and it's become pleasantly  client centric. I booked a time and a date first with the branch of my choice (The Podium). Soon, I got a text message confirming the time and date for our photosession. It just so happened that I was at The Podium two weeks before our shoot, so I walked into the branch there and personally confirmed the session. They asked for the names and ages of my girls and noted these down on their computer. They also asked for my email address so that they can send photo pegs for the shoot. 

I loved that they told me they will give me pegs... because that's one of the toughest things for me to decide on - figuring out the color schemes and shoot concepts. I soon got a personalized email from Ishee (the store manager/lead photographer) on her ideas for the shoot. The email contained ideas on outfits and colors to wear and sample pictures of different combinations (depending on the size of your family). Even if you are not going to "copy" those pegs to the detail, it was nice to have ideas (and visuals) to think about. 

Finally on the day of the shoot, The Picture Company sent a confirmation message that we were set for that day. When we got to the branch, Ishee quickly set up the studio for our shoot, and even asked my eldest daughter what her favorite song was (and had it play in the background). That was a very nice touch as it got the girls in the mood to stand in front of the camera. 

The experience sure was great... this is the first photoshoot I've had where I did not have to stress so much. I used to stress... Because one kid would always be cranky because it was (fill in the blanks - way past her naptime, has had a short nap, hungry, sick...). This time around, everything just fell into place. Let's not count the part when the two girls were fighting over who gets to use the tiara! The girls were big enough now to really enjoy hamming it up for the camera. Ishee and the team in Podium also made it fun for the girls, they were so patient with the children.

This was taken in a split second... Ishee called out "look up, girls" - and with that, it was a wrap.

To have your own photoshoot, do contact the branch of your choice and show them this coupon to get a free photo session. All you have to do is to call the branch of your choice to make an appointment. Then print or take a screenshot of the coupon below, and show them before your shoot. 

No kids? It's ok. For the whole month of November, they are running the #SmilesForRelief campaign - for P500 you can have your profile pictures taken professionally.

Get that best smile out and call your nearest branch now.

This post was sponsored by The Picture Company.

Friday, November 8, 2013

My lost post - SoMoms loot and the MommyMundo Bazaar

I thought I pressed publish... But instead, I think I accidentally deleted my post. And I have been nursing it for months. Now, as I redo it, I am in a totally different mood, and coming from a totally different perspective. And so my post format has changed.

This weekend, the 2nd weekend of November (and officially the first weekend of the Christmas season in my mind), is the annual Mommy Mundo bazaar! There are two schedules this year, one on Sunday and another one on December 8. It's bound to be an exciting bazaar... especially as Mommy Mundo has tied up with Two Tots for the biggest giveaway they have ever had....

... Your (child's) very own playroom showcase! This comes at such a perfect time for me as I've been seriously thinking about a play area for my girls. I wish I could win this Two Tots showcase... it would definitely shove me in the right direction (i.e. start cleaning up the attic....)! There are various ways to join online. BUT... You have a lot more chances to win if you go and check out the bazaar this weekend!

If you want to earn bonus points... these are what you have to do.

1. Visit the Mommy Mundo Bazaar on November 10 and/or December 8 and post on your status “I’m at the #MommyMundoBazaar at the Rockwell Tent, the only Christmas bazaar made for moms like me!” (2 pts)

2. Drop by the Two Tots booth at the Mommy Mundo bazaar on November 10 and/or December 8, take a photo of yourself at the booth, and share on Instagram or Twitter. Don’t forget to tag @twotots and @mommymundo with the hashtag #mommymundobazaar. Photos/profile must be set to “Public” to qualify. (2 pts)

3. Purchase something (any amount) from Two Tots’ booth at MMB and enter the raffle code found on the raffle stub.  (5 pts)

Number 3 is easy because Two Tots... You're sure to want a special Christmas sock with your little one's name on it. 

One of my favorite things from Two Tots is the orange basket in the picture. I have several of those which I use to stash small things into. They look nice and keep your things organized. I've managed to stash one of them inside my closet to keep my small and foldable bags!

Aside from Two Tots, expect other wonderful things from the bazaar. Here are some of the stuff that I hoarded from the SoMoms which are sure to be at the bazaar too.

Yellowbird shoes by Patty... these were her first designs, and she has since come out with lots of other fab ones. I personally own the Sadie sandal which look great and are a comfy to wear!

Green Sproutlets Organic tops and bottoms for toddlers (receiving blankets and bibs are available too). These are made of the softest fabric... look for Rone at Mothering Earthlings!

PaperChicStudio will be there... Get your stash of washi tapes and paper wrappers for wrapping presents. Check out their colorful straws and paper cups too, for brightening up your Christmas settings. I personally am looking forward to checking out their wooden stamps... I will soon share why, in another post. Ask Cai about them when you drop by her booth. If you're a wannabe crafter like me, you'll be tempted for sure.

Check out the Nurture Nook booth too for other great stuff for you and your children. They carry a lot of unique and great stuff, including the Grandma's Secret line.

These work wonders on sticky goo. Just like the stain remover worked wonders on stains. Just like how the miracle moisturizer was a miracle.... Not sticky on the skin at all. Grandma's Secret is out, go and get some!You might even get to pick up one of these handmade stuff from Baby Jane!

The list of other booths are here...

Hope to see you on Sunday! Let's also hope and pray that the storm Yolanda will go swift and fast without leaving much damage in the country. Have a safe weekend!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

K's Point of View: A reminder

So I didn't realize that the realities of being a working mom will really dawn on me when my daughter starts talking back. I don't mean the "bad" kind of talking back. Sometimes, it's the honest to goodness "wake up call" talking back that sure hits the spot.

Last Tuesday, I had to take a call at home at 8am. Unfortunately, I really cannot leave the house at 7:30 to take the call in office... Because that would mean waking up at 6:30am (at least) and starting the girls' day too early. The two were just starting to wake up at 7:30am, I was warming them up that they need to get out of bed before 8am.

Me: K, I have a call at 8am so go down and eat breakfast soon.

K: But I want to stay here with you.

Me: K, this is an important call, I really have to take it, sorry.

K: (mumbling)

Me: What did you say?

K: I said, K and S are more important!

The truth as spoken by my pre-schooler. I hope you've all had a great long weekend with your families and loved ones! It's time to get ready for Christmas! 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

K's Point of View: Of Working Moms and Non Working Moms

One of my daily struggles is my eldest daughter telling me that she wants me to stay at home, stay with her, and not go to work. It's not an exaggeration when I say that I literally have a teary eyed child in my arms 4 out of every 5 working days. If you have any tips on how to talk to a four year old about why a mom has to work, do share them with me. I go by the route of explaining that I need to work so I can afford to provide her with certain things. I know it should not be all about money... there's fulfillment, self actualization, the debt from grad school.... But those will have to wait until she is older. 

Now after all the speeches made... it seems to have stuck on her mind.

K: Mom, I want you to go to school everyday and pick me up.

Me: I'm sorry I cannot do that because I have to go to the office and work.

K: But Chloe's* mom is in school everyday.

Now this is where I answered wrong (and I am sincerely sorry, no offense meant.)

Me: Maybe she does not have to work?

K: Why? Because she has lots of money?

See why I shouldn't have said that? I am sure Chloe's* mom is there everyday (and "everyday" can be an exaggeration from a nursery student) for a good reason. So I tried to take it back...

Me: Or maybe... Her mom works near your school?

K: Yeah, maybe she works IN the school. 

Me: Yes, maybe,

It ended with me asking her to check her other classmates and see if their moms are there everyday. I hope she does not spread the word... I hope I don't start a nursery class mutiny with 20 four year olds insisting their moms be in school everyday! 

Are you a working mom? How do you explain to your child?

*Not her real name.

Friday, October 18, 2013

A Second Opinion: The second child's view

My second child started forming her opinions at a very young age. This makes for very interesting conversations between her and her sister. The older sister has much stronger views, and is less swayed, hence her failed requests (to me) usually end in tears. On one particular occasion when I (again) would not give in to the big sister's demands:

Big sis: booohoo... I want this....

Me: No, K, I told you not everything you want you can get.

Little sis: It's ok, K. Don't cry.

Big sis: boohoo....

Little sis: Don't cry K, Santa Claus is coming to town.

Yes, go get it from Santa, why don't you? :) 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

My dad, education, and the #DayoftheGirl

I only found out late this evening that October 11 is International Day of the Girl, the second one being celebrated by Unicef. It could not have been more opportune than today... for today is also the eve of my late father's birthday - who was my number one fan when it came to supporting me on the education I wanted to pursue.

When I graduated from high school, I pursued a path much different from the path my own parents took. I went to a university and took a course that were not exactly the first choice my parents had for me, but I insisted. The four years that followed were probably the most difficult years in my entire scholastic life... but I persevered and managed to graduate from the degree I had chosen. Soon after, I joined a multinational bank and managed to carve out a small niche for myself. I knew it made my father proud that he had a daughter who worked for a multinational bank in Makati. 

Years later, I ventured into the next scholastic adventure I wanted to take - I wanted to take up an MBA, and I preferred for it to be from an institution outside the country. It was not an easy battle... for my parents believed that the next adventure in store for me was not an MBA, but more like a husband and a family. I insisted on it, paying for all application fees and prerequisites out of my own savings. While all of this was happening, I was slowly convincing my dad to let me go. I had to do that because my savings were only enough to get me through the application phase! Everytime we talked about it, I would get gentle reminders that no man would want marry someone who was much smarter than him; that boys tend to be wary of girls who had too many degrees; that instead of wanting to spend money on another degree, I should worry about my own dowry. It wasn't as if my dad was a chauvinistic pig. It was just that in the family I was born in, the background that I grew up in... a four year course was enough. Anything beyond that was unheard of.

Eventually, with a lot of facts and figures from Business Week, The Financial Times and other business magazines (stuff I was bombarding him with), he let me go. And when I changed his mind... I really changed his mind. Suddenly, it was his great idea that I was going for an MBA. From that day on - til the day of his passing - I strongly believe that he really believed in his heart that it was the best decision to let me go. And for that, I will forever be grateful to him. He (and my mom) rooted for me, cheered me on, scrimped and saved to get me through that one year. What I am today, I owe it to them.

Why do I care about girls getting good education?

1. I am the recipient of a good education, and I am thankful for it every day.

2. I have daughters and nieces. You or someone you know has daughters too.

3. Girls are easily half of the world. Imagine how much better the world could be.

4. We all (whether boys or girls) deserve that one shot to get a better life. Education is key.

And if you're not yet convinced, check out this infographic.

We, in the Philippines, are much better off than the rest of the world. Men and women, boys and girls are treated as equals here. I just hope that even at the more marginalized levels of society, the girls are being given equal opportunities as their male peers/siblings when it comes to education. 

 Finally, this tweet puts such a wonderful, basic perspective to educating little girls.

My Craft

Saturday, October 5, 2013

My SoMoms Loot (and how to get yours)

One of the great things about meeting up with the SoMoms is getting to see all the great stuff that the SoMom mompreneurs have to share with fellow moms. I never leave empty handed... There is sure to be one product they have that I (or my kids) absolutely must own. I know there are people who may say that some of these things are really unnecessary little things, and that a lot of moms and kids survive without them. True, I do agree that we live in a world full of material influences, most of which, we probably can live without. But, indulge me. A lot of us moms, whether working mom, WAHM or SAHM, work hard every single day. And sometimes, it is that one single purchase that makes us feel a little better about our day (or week, or month....) It's our reward. I don't know about you, but even a piece of washi tape, or new lip balm, can make that difference for me. 

Okay, so enough justification! Here's what the SoMoms had -  some of which I went home with - from the SoMoms meet up. And as it took me forever to write this post... It may soon be time for you to start shopping for Christmas presents. Check them out!

Yellowbird Shoes

Yellowbird Shoes from Patty. These were her first designs... But she has come up with lots more! I personally own the Sadie sandal, which is really pretty.

Soft and comfortable organic play sets from Sproutlets. Get them from Mothering Earthlings

Washi tapes from PaperChicStudio. She also has paper straws, paper pags, and baker's twine - all the essentials you will need this Christmas! 

Pretty paper straws.

Hopscotch (for kids) and Scotch nailpolish from Tin of Manila Fashion Observer. She also shared her secret....

... Or at least, her Grandmas's Secret! These goo removers work wonders on those sticky leftover gunk from removing tags. You should also check out the stain remover - it is truly a miracle worker!

There were so many other stuff that I was not able to take pictures of - Kris's Aquasana Water Filters, Pam's Willow tops, Jenny's stuff from MamaBabyLove.... These moms really know how to tempt you! 

Now, here's how you can get your hands on them. This weekend (and on December 8) - Mommy Mundo brings you an early Christmas bazaar where you can get a lot of these stuff, plus more! You can also get the chance to win a Two Tots playroom suite showcase... you can join online, but you get more chances if you go shop ;)

If you want to earn bonus points:

  1. Visit the Mommy Mundo Bazaar on November 10 and/or December 8 and post on your status “I’m at the #MommyMundoBazaar at the Rockwell Tent, the only Christmas bazaar made for moms like me!” (2 pts)
  2. Drop by the Two Tots booth at the Mommy Mundo bazaar on November 10 and/or December 8, take a photo of yourself at the booth, and share on Instagram or Twitter. Don’t forget to tag @twotots and @mommymundo with the hashtag #mommymundobazaar. Photos/profile must be set to “Public” to qualify. (2 pts)
  3. Purchase something (any amount) from Two Tots’ booth at MMB and enter the raffle code found on the raffle stub.  (5 pts)

Two Tots has personalized Christmas socks, perfect for your little ones' surprise from Santa. They also have baskets that are perfect for organizing books, toys, and other small items that tend to accumulate fast when you have kids.

Hope to see you at the bazaar! Go forth and buy!  

Monday, September 30, 2013

Manic Monday Quotes: 10 Ways to Love

Whatever it may be that turns your monday manic, I hope you remember to love.

 Happy start of the week! 

September ended, and we survived. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Got 5 minutes? Do some yoga.

This will come out as a very lame excuse. I don't have time for exercise. Who does? I try to walk up and down the fire exit stairs whenever I can, instead of having to wait around for the lift. I used to walk to my colleagues' cubicles to ask questions (instead of simply lifting up the phone). With communicator, email and the need to multitask, though, I do a lot less walking now. 

Hence, I am glad to have discovered the 5-minute yoga app on iTunes (just between you and me, I've had the app for almost a year. It's fully paid for, but Candy Crush got in the way of things.) I have been consistently on it for the past two weeks...and, I kid you not, I do feel some changes. My abs feel tighter - and a little sore. I am also slowly building up on the flexibility piece. Two weeks ago, I literally creaked while doing poses. The creaking has come down to a slow stop... a creak here, a creak there (everywhere a creak-creak?!)... But not full time creaking. Perhaps, I am doing something right.

The way it works is that it gives you 5 different poses in a span of 5minutes. At each pose, the app gives you specific instructions on how to execute. Then it gives you 40 seconds to hold that pose. These are some of my favorite poses.

I love that this stretches the entire body, practically. It especially works well on stressed shoulders, from hunching all day in front of a laptop.

This one will work wonders on your abs. If you only had time for 1 minute (man, that must be one hectic day) - do this. 

There are some symmetrical poses each time - you have to do 40 seconds on each side. Like this pose for a full leg stretch. 

And finally, this.

This was a real challenge. Trust me, or try it now.

Well? The balancing part is definitely tough. In the middle of the 40 seconds, I still have to hold out one arm and hold on to something to keep the balance. My goal is to be able to fully balance without help. Soon. My belief is the ability to balance physically should help me in other things in life. Clarity of mind, ability to better multi-task... Get home early (work life balance?!). Let's see.

Since I have started doing this, I have now realized that I can do yoga. I used to think it was slow, boring, and only for zen type of people. Now, I realize it works even for busybees like you and me.  HuffPost Living even came out with an article about yoga poses you can do in bed. You mean, I don't even have to get out of bed? Yup! It sounds (and is) absolutely perfect.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

I cooked: Arugula Salad Mix and Match 

I came across this very intriguingly yummy recipe by RecipeGirl awhile back. I love mushrooms... I have loved them since I was about 8 years old. And then she talked about balsamic onions - another delicious combination (just reading it makes me drool). It was a shoo in for a must try recipe. I saved it in my favorites list and it ran through my mind for several weeks. But I was not too confident yet about making the sandwich because I didn't have the perfect cheese for it. So, I decided to tweak the recipe a little - and turned the pieces I loved into a salad. But, RecipeGirl, I will still make the sandwich soon, and when I do, I shall tell you about it.

Things fell into place for me quickly. I had bought fresh mushrooms from the market in Connecticut, and I had this nice crabmeat in a can that I could use as additional toppings (also from the sunday Connecticut market). Down to Earth had delivered a fresh batch of micro arugula the day before too.

So I followed RecipeGirl's instructions for balsamic, caramelized onions. Olive oil, sliced white onion, salt (I used sea salt), balsamic vinegar... and patience. It takes about 20-30 minutes for onions to get caramelized (even longer if you like them darker).

"My Craft
And I stewed the mushrooms (I used black shiitake mushrooms, but you can use other types of meaty/fleshy mushrooms too). Olive oil, salt, white wine and mushrooms.... I still cannot figure out how to reduce the amount of water that seeps out of the mushrooms. For this particularly recipe though, I lived with it since I later used the mushroom liquid as dressing.

My Craft
I used the liquid from the mushrooms, mixed it up with more balsamic vinegar and a pinch of coco sugar to make some additional dressing for the salad. It's good to mix this up on the stove to make sure it all gets mixed in together.

And finally, assemble your salad with arugula, caramelized onions, mushrooms and some crabmeat. I think this will work with roasted vegetables too. Without the toppings (of crabmeat) - it can be a perfect side salad for a steak.

For something I made up, this came out pretty good. I hope you try it, and enjoy it too. Drop me a note when you do! 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

K's Point of View: The Squid in Les Miserables

At the Brain Fit session last week, physiotherapist Cheryl Chia talked about the auditory part of our brains. She talked about how certain words only differ from each other by "milliseconds." For instance, the words "say" and "stay" differ only by 100 milliseconds. When we don't hear that "millisecond" of a difference - our brains go to work, putting in context clues for us to understand (and realize) exactly which word was said. For instance - if I said "will you stay with me?" You won't necessarily have heard exactly the word "stay" - but since you heard the rest of the sentence, you would have automatically put in "stay" there as that's the word that would have made sense with the rest of the sentence.

I experienced a perfect example of this "auditory" malfunction while watching the movie Les Miserables the other night. We were at the scene when Marius was asking Eponine who the blond girl in the hat was. In the midst of singing, and other sound effects... Eponine said, "Cosette."

K: Who's Posette?

At this point, the husband and I looked at each other, trying to keep straight faces. 

Me: It's Cosette, not Posette. That's the name of the girl wearing the hat.

K: Posette? That's her name?

Me: Cosette. KO-SET. Posette is different.

K: Oh.

Me: It's a nice name, isn't it?

And it went downhill from there.

K: Hmm. Yes. But Posette is nice too. (pauses to think). And it's yummy too.

To those who are confused - "pusit" is the word for squid in Filipino - and it's often pronounced "pu-set." There you go.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Forgive the mess...

Seriously, moms, how do you juggle all the wonderful things you need/want to do with the finite set of time in your hands? I am constantly challenged by it. I have wonderful intentions... But reality is, something has got to give. Yesterday, with two hours to go before dinner (and I am blessed not to have to cook dinner every night)... I was again reminded of how little time there was in a weekend. I wanted to paint with the kids, write a blog post (yeah, to add to my --- insert sarcasm here --- 60 or so posts), and do a little organizing.

I ended up painting with the kids first...

... and then started 1 paragraph of a post.


I still had this to contend with (and believe me, i have lots more that are in worse condition).

I am reminded of something a colleague at work told me recently. She was lamenting to her mom about keeping a household, and having to rely on (ironically) unreliable household help. Her mom asked her, "(When you were growing up) did you think I liked keeping a disorganized house? Did you think I was naturally disorganized that way? It was simply because I wanted to focus on you (4) children before, and made sure you were taken cared of well, above anything else."

That sure strikes a familiar chord. In our busy lives, we all juggle many things (not only moms, but regular people too). Most often than not, we are juggling one extra ball too much, over what we are truly capable of. It is during these times when the most important balls prevail... Our children, our husbands, our family and friends.

So, please forgive the mess. I let the ball drop.