Saturday, December 31, 2011

K's Point of View: It's all about giving

Tonight, as I carried my little girl up to bed, I gave her a big hug - thinking how blessed I am. My husband has just celebrated his 3xth birthday, I had just put my 4 month old baby to bed with breastmilk and cuddles - and then it was my toddler's turn.

Me to K: I love you.
K: I love you too.
Me: Mommy's very happy. You know why?
K: Yes.
Me: Why?
K: Because you give your presents to me!

Such an endearing little thought from my 2year old... but so true too. As a mom, I've been truly blessed to have given to my 2 daughters throughout the year - in whatever form it might be. And tonight - I again remember that it is in giving to others that we start receiving a lot more blessings.

As 2011 comes to a close - I pray that I have touched the hearts of many this year in giving a part of me. In the coming new year, may I be able to share a little bit more.

Happy New Year - from our humble home!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Welcoming December

Christmas is a huge thing in the Philippines. Somehow, Filipinos are able to squeeze in a year's worth of get-together's and reunions into this typical 31 day, 4 weekend month. Even the antisocial couple, DH and I,  are swept into a whirlwind of people to see, parties to attend, and (I must not forget) food to relish.  At home, Christmas gifts, fruit boxes, goody baskets and the like are always either coming or going... it's a busy, busy time. It takes a lot of effort to stop and freeze time - and just enjoy the moment. This is why I was really happy that at the close of November, DH, the girls and I got to steal away for a couple of days for some R&R.

I had bought a Cash Cash Pinoy voucher in June for an overnight stay at a new resort in Subic. I had first meant to use it just for DH, K, and myself - to spend time with K after the baby arrives. As the months passed, I went back to work, the expiration loomed near, and I still have not used the voucher. I almost gave it away. DH convinced me we should use it - and we can bring the baby (yey) with us. So off we went to Subic!
 And we chilled by the pool...

...blew bubbles...

... and danced....

and bonded with each other.

With that, I am refreshed with new energy, reminded of what's important to me, and ready to face the Christmas rush head on. Bring it on!