Friday, November 8, 2013

My lost post - SoMoms loot and the MommyMundo Bazaar

I thought I pressed publish... But instead, I think I accidentally deleted my post. And I have been nursing it for months. Now, as I redo it, I am in a totally different mood, and coming from a totally different perspective. And so my post format has changed.

This weekend, the 2nd weekend of November (and officially the first weekend of the Christmas season in my mind), is the annual Mommy Mundo bazaar! There are two schedules this year, one on Sunday and another one on December 8. It's bound to be an exciting bazaar... especially as Mommy Mundo has tied up with Two Tots for the biggest giveaway they have ever had....

... Your (child's) very own playroom showcase! This comes at such a perfect time for me as I've been seriously thinking about a play area for my girls. I wish I could win this Two Tots showcase... it would definitely shove me in the right direction (i.e. start cleaning up the attic....)! There are various ways to join online. BUT... You have a lot more chances to win if you go and check out the bazaar this weekend!

If you want to earn bonus points... these are what you have to do.

1. Visit the Mommy Mundo Bazaar on November 10 and/or December 8 and post on your status “I’m at the #MommyMundoBazaar at the Rockwell Tent, the only Christmas bazaar made for moms like me!” (2 pts)

2. Drop by the Two Tots booth at the Mommy Mundo bazaar on November 10 and/or December 8, take a photo of yourself at the booth, and share on Instagram or Twitter. Don’t forget to tag @twotots and @mommymundo with the hashtag #mommymundobazaar. Photos/profile must be set to “Public” to qualify. (2 pts)

3. Purchase something (any amount) from Two Tots’ booth at MMB and enter the raffle code found on the raffle stub.  (5 pts)

Number 3 is easy because Two Tots... You're sure to want a special Christmas sock with your little one's name on it. 

One of my favorite things from Two Tots is the orange basket in the picture. I have several of those which I use to stash small things into. They look nice and keep your things organized. I've managed to stash one of them inside my closet to keep my small and foldable bags!

Aside from Two Tots, expect other wonderful things from the bazaar. Here are some of the stuff that I hoarded from the SoMoms which are sure to be at the bazaar too.

Yellowbird shoes by Patty... these were her first designs, and she has since come out with lots of other fab ones. I personally own the Sadie sandal which look great and are a comfy to wear!

Green Sproutlets Organic tops and bottoms for toddlers (receiving blankets and bibs are available too). These are made of the softest fabric... look for Rone at Mothering Earthlings!

PaperChicStudio will be there... Get your stash of washi tapes and paper wrappers for wrapping presents. Check out their colorful straws and paper cups too, for brightening up your Christmas settings. I personally am looking forward to checking out their wooden stamps... I will soon share why, in another post. Ask Cai about them when you drop by her booth. If you're a wannabe crafter like me, you'll be tempted for sure.

Check out the Nurture Nook booth too for other great stuff for you and your children. They carry a lot of unique and great stuff, including the Grandma's Secret line.

These work wonders on sticky goo. Just like the stain remover worked wonders on stains. Just like how the miracle moisturizer was a miracle.... Not sticky on the skin at all. Grandma's Secret is out, go and get some!You might even get to pick up one of these handmade stuff from Baby Jane!

The list of other booths are here...

Hope to see you on Sunday! Let's also hope and pray that the storm Yolanda will go swift and fast without leaving much damage in the country. Have a safe weekend!

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