Saturday, October 5, 2013

My SoMoms Loot (and how to get yours)

One of the great things about meeting up with the SoMoms is getting to see all the great stuff that the SoMom mompreneurs have to share with fellow moms. I never leave empty handed... There is sure to be one product they have that I (or my kids) absolutely must own. I know there are people who may say that some of these things are really unnecessary little things, and that a lot of moms and kids survive without them. True, I do agree that we live in a world full of material influences, most of which, we probably can live without. But, indulge me. A lot of us moms, whether working mom, WAHM or SAHM, work hard every single day. And sometimes, it is that one single purchase that makes us feel a little better about our day (or week, or month....) It's our reward. I don't know about you, but even a piece of washi tape, or new lip balm, can make that difference for me. 

Okay, so enough justification! Here's what the SoMoms had -  some of which I went home with - from the SoMoms meet up. And as it took me forever to write this post... It may soon be time for you to start shopping for Christmas presents. Check them out!

Yellowbird Shoes

Yellowbird Shoes from Patty. These were her first designs... But she has come up with lots more! I personally own the Sadie sandal, which is really pretty.

Soft and comfortable organic play sets from Sproutlets. Get them from Mothering Earthlings

Washi tapes from PaperChicStudio. She also has paper straws, paper pags, and baker's twine - all the essentials you will need this Christmas! 

Pretty paper straws.

Hopscotch (for kids) and Scotch nailpolish from Tin of Manila Fashion Observer. She also shared her secret....

... Or at least, her Grandmas's Secret! These goo removers work wonders on those sticky leftover gunk from removing tags. You should also check out the stain remover - it is truly a miracle worker!

There were so many other stuff that I was not able to take pictures of - Kris's Aquasana Water Filters, Pam's Willow tops, Jenny's stuff from MamaBabyLove.... These moms really know how to tempt you! 

Now, here's how you can get your hands on them. This weekend (and on December 8) - Mommy Mundo brings you an early Christmas bazaar where you can get a lot of these stuff, plus more! You can also get the chance to win a Two Tots playroom suite showcase... you can join online, but you get more chances if you go shop ;)

If you want to earn bonus points:

  1. Visit the Mommy Mundo Bazaar on November 10 and/or December 8 and post on your status “I’m at the #MommyMundoBazaar at the Rockwell Tent, the only Christmas bazaar made for moms like me!” (2 pts)
  2. Drop by the Two Tots booth at the Mommy Mundo bazaar on November 10 and/or December 8, take a photo of yourself at the booth, and share on Instagram or Twitter. Don’t forget to tag @twotots and @mommymundo with the hashtag #mommymundobazaar. Photos/profile must be set to “Public” to qualify. (2 pts)
  3. Purchase something (any amount) from Two Tots’ booth at MMB and enter the raffle code found on the raffle stub.  (5 pts)

Two Tots has personalized Christmas socks, perfect for your little ones' surprise from Santa. They also have baskets that are perfect for organizing books, toys, and other small items that tend to accumulate fast when you have kids.

Hope to see you at the bazaar! Go forth and buy!  

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