Wednesday, October 23, 2013

K's Point of View: Of Working Moms and Non Working Moms

One of my daily struggles is my eldest daughter telling me that she wants me to stay at home, stay with her, and not go to work. It's not an exaggeration when I say that I literally have a teary eyed child in my arms 4 out of every 5 working days. If you have any tips on how to talk to a four year old about why a mom has to work, do share them with me. I go by the route of explaining that I need to work so I can afford to provide her with certain things. I know it should not be all about money... there's fulfillment, self actualization, the debt from grad school.... But those will have to wait until she is older. 

Now after all the speeches made... it seems to have stuck on her mind.

K: Mom, I want you to go to school everyday and pick me up.

Me: I'm sorry I cannot do that because I have to go to the office and work.

K: But Chloe's* mom is in school everyday.

Now this is where I answered wrong (and I am sincerely sorry, no offense meant.)

Me: Maybe she does not have to work?

K: Why? Because she has lots of money?

See why I shouldn't have said that? I am sure Chloe's* mom is there everyday (and "everyday" can be an exaggeration from a nursery student) for a good reason. So I tried to take it back...

Me: Or maybe... Her mom works near your school?

K: Yeah, maybe she works IN the school. 

Me: Yes, maybe,

It ended with me asking her to check her other classmates and see if their moms are there everyday. I hope she does not spread the word... I hope I don't start a nursery class mutiny with 20 four year olds insisting their moms be in school everyday! 

Are you a working mom? How do you explain to your child?

*Not her real name.

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