Saturday, November 2, 2013

K's Point of View: A reminder

So I didn't realize that the realities of being a working mom will really dawn on me when my daughter starts talking back. I don't mean the "bad" kind of talking back. Sometimes, it's the honest to goodness "wake up call" talking back that sure hits the spot.

Last Tuesday, I had to take a call at home at 8am. Unfortunately, I really cannot leave the house at 7:30 to take the call in office... Because that would mean waking up at 6:30am (at least) and starting the girls' day too early. The two were just starting to wake up at 7:30am, I was warming them up that they need to get out of bed before 8am.

Me: K, I have a call at 8am so go down and eat breakfast soon.

K: But I want to stay here with you.

Me: K, this is an important call, I really have to take it, sorry.

K: (mumbling)

Me: What did you say?

K: I said, K and S are more important!

The truth as spoken by my pre-schooler. I hope you've all had a great long weekend with your families and loved ones! It's time to get ready for Christmas! 

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