Thursday, January 19, 2012

What I am looking forward to in 2012

1. Trips
DH and I love going on trips - whether it be a short drive to try out a restaurant outside of the city , a quick weekend getaway by the beach, or a long adventure somewhere far away. It is always a welcome moment to be able to recharge. Because of the many great deals in 2011 - we were able to line up a number of trips for 2012. With more long weekends scheduled this year... we should be able to schedule a few more, and perhaps with the little ones in tow too. Hooray for more memories!
On our 2012 list!

2. Birthdays
I missed the exact year... but at some point in my life, I lost all excitement for my birthday. When K was born in 2009, my birthday marked her 1st month - hence it became a semi-celebration. This year, K is turning 3 and like all children her age, has a penchant for blowing out birthday candles. This has made birthdays a lot more exciting - with my DD singing the birthday song at the top of her lungs, and blowing out candles with all enthusiasm. That alone is enough for me to want a cake on my birthday.
This year too, my little baby ball S is turning 1. This means an excuse for me to plan a party, and to squeeze out my creative juices to make it a memorable one. I had fun planning K's 1st birthday party - even creating her video presentation by myself. I am sure to have even more fun with this second round... in fact, I already have some ideas in my head.

3. Foodie Nights (or Mornings)
I promised DH that I would make more of an effort to have date nights or breakfast dates with him this year. Due to my 60 hour work week - I tend to focus too much on the children on weekends. Short of a minor emergency, I would refuse to leave their sides. I do admit though that I feel guilty about it all the time! This year - I vowed to myself that that will change. So, here comes the list of new places to try... first two up on the list, Lolo Dad's and Milky 'n Sunny.

at a tapas bar
4. Ebates, Groupon, CashCashPinoy, Ensogo, DealGrocer...
Need I say more? Some may argue that I end up spending more on these sites. On the contrary, I say I end up saving a lot more. First, on Ebates, I actually get real cash (I made $52 in the 1st wk of 2012). Second, on groupon sites, I get stuff I like at a discount - and these help to fuel #3 (restaurant deals) and #1 (trip deals) above. Humor me. I work 60 hour weeks, and usually spend all weekend tending to the girls. Shopping, physically, is a luxury.

5. Developing myself
 Start a small business? Write a children's book? Try out new recipes? Learn crochet?
Is 2012 the year when I make these?

Can I channel the Martha Stewart in me?
Maybe, maybe not. I look forward to these small discoveries about myself - what I can do, what I can create, what I enjoy doing. Who knows what talent is hidden deep in the recesses of this boring number crunching brain of mine.

 What do you look forward to in 2012? Happy new [dragon] year!

If I Were a Butterfly...

I remember this Kids' Praise song from grade school. I loved this song... singing the chorus always made me smile. Can't wait for K to start singing and acting this song. 

(If I Were a Butterfly)

Words and Music by Brian M. Howard
If I were a butterfly
I'd thank you Lord for giving me wings
If I were a robin in a tree
I'd thank you Lord that I could sing
If I were a fish in the sea
I'd wiggle my tail and I'd giggle with glee
But I just thank you Father for making me, me

For you gave me a heart and you gave me a smile
You gave me Jesus and you made me your child
And I just thank you Father for making me, me

If I were an elephant
I'd thank you Lord by raising my trunk
If I were a kangaroo
You know I'd hop right up to you
If I were an octopus
I'd thank you Lord for my fine looks
But I just thank you Father for making me, me

If I were a wiggly worm
I'd thank you Lord that I could squirm
If I were a fuzzy, wuzzy bear
I'd thank you Lord for my fuzzy, wuzzy hair
If I were a crocodile
I'd thank you Lord for my great smile
But I just thank you Father for
making me, me

Copyright © Mission Hills Music
All rights reserved. (BMI)
International copyright secured.
CCLI - 35445

Saturday, January 7, 2012

K's Point of View: Because I'm Two

Me: When is your birthday?
K: December (she likes December because of her cousin B and her Dad's birthday, Christmas, and all the presents).
Me: No, it's April... April 3.
K: No, April 2.
Me: No, April 3.
K: Nooo, April 2.
Me: Why April 2?
K: Kase (Because) I'm 2 eh.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Things I learned from dear hubby in 2011...

... that it's fun to take a step down, and rest from the rat race (so when will it be my turn?).
... that it's ok to let my little girl sleep with someone else for the night, just for a night.
... that I, for some reason, know when it's time to sell (now to learn the buying part).
... that to be generous is a gift - not to the recipient - but to the giver.
... that if you've been given bad service, it's possible to get your money back.
... that meteor showers happen every year, twice a year (didn't take astronomy, sorry).

Happy birthday DH! I am still learning from you every day!