Saturday, September 28, 2013

Got 5 minutes? Do some yoga.

This will come out as a very lame excuse. I don't have time for exercise. Who does? I try to walk up and down the fire exit stairs whenever I can, instead of having to wait around for the lift. I used to walk to my colleagues' cubicles to ask questions (instead of simply lifting up the phone). With communicator, email and the need to multitask, though, I do a lot less walking now. 

Hence, I am glad to have discovered the 5-minute yoga app on iTunes (just between you and me, I've had the app for almost a year. It's fully paid for, but Candy Crush got in the way of things.) I have been consistently on it for the past two weeks...and, I kid you not, I do feel some changes. My abs feel tighter - and a little sore. I am also slowly building up on the flexibility piece. Two weeks ago, I literally creaked while doing poses. The creaking has come down to a slow stop... a creak here, a creak there (everywhere a creak-creak?!)... But not full time creaking. Perhaps, I am doing something right.

The way it works is that it gives you 5 different poses in a span of 5minutes. At each pose, the app gives you specific instructions on how to execute. Then it gives you 40 seconds to hold that pose. These are some of my favorite poses.

I love that this stretches the entire body, practically. It especially works well on stressed shoulders, from hunching all day in front of a laptop.

This one will work wonders on your abs. If you only had time for 1 minute (man, that must be one hectic day) - do this. 

There are some symmetrical poses each time - you have to do 40 seconds on each side. Like this pose for a full leg stretch. 

And finally, this.

This was a real challenge. Trust me, or try it now.

Well? The balancing part is definitely tough. In the middle of the 40 seconds, I still have to hold out one arm and hold on to something to keep the balance. My goal is to be able to fully balance without help. Soon. My belief is the ability to balance physically should help me in other things in life. Clarity of mind, ability to better multi-task... Get home early (work life balance?!). Let's see.

Since I have started doing this, I have now realized that I can do yoga. I used to think it was slow, boring, and only for zen type of people. Now, I realize it works even for busybees like you and me.  HuffPost Living even came out with an article about yoga poses you can do in bed. You mean, I don't even have to get out of bed? Yup! It sounds (and is) absolutely perfect.


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