Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Raising the Bar #YouTheMom

My mom raised four children... while also earning her share to put food on the table. She knew how to do all kinds of household work... From cooking to cleaning to doing the laundry. There were many things that she was not - she was not at my high school graduation, nor did she cheer me on during math competitions - but I remember that I always had pristine white socks and uniforms, and a delicious snack when I came home from school. She probably never sang a single song for me, but she sat with me all night as I finished a Turbo Pascal project. Even today, she is the epitome of a grandmother for my kids. When she's a around, it's possible for me to not lift a single finger (except what good would that do me?) My mom has sure raised the bar on motherhood, not only during her time, but in my time too. Every move I make as a mother is a reflection of what I've seen from my own mother. Whether I am copying her, or trying to outdo her (hehe) - my mother is the model of my own motherhood. I don't know how many of us would dare admit it... Our mothers are models of what we are (and what we are not ) as mothers. 

BUT.... This does not mean we BECOME our mothers. From the day we saw those two lines on the pregnancy test, we have all been evolving to be the unique mothers that we are right now. We will continue to evolve as our kids grow up... And we will continue to raise the bar of motherhood. There is no cookie cutter out there to model out the perfect mother... you are perfect on your own, especially to your children.

So what else can I say, except... You The Mom!

This year's Expo Mom by Mommy Mundo is all about you superhero moms... It's a shoutout to all moms. You The Mom! Mommy Mundo Founder Janice Villanueva says, "We admire moms for their almost superhuman qualities, their powers in time management and multitasking alongside their ability to do anything and everything for their loved ones, and they all do these things woleheartedly and passionately at that! And because most moms do all these tasks with grace and usually with flair, even we may sometimes forget to show her some appreciation and affirmation." 

A belated happy mother's day to all you moms out there. Why don't you extend your celebration by joining Expo Mom 2014 this weekend? For more information and event updates, visit www.expomom.com. Download coupons and the event map from the website and be prepared for a grand time. To be part of the You The Mom! campaign, check out www.expomom.com/youthemom.

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