Friday, May 30, 2014

Beyond the Physical #LIFE

It could be an aunt, a cousin, your colleague's mother-in-law, someone's dad... How many times have you heard of the story of someone who found out they were sick, but it's gone beyond the stage of prevention. Instead, drastic measures have to be taken. It's happened to people very close to me, too. What would we give for that ounce of prevention? Often, the manifestations of a sickness come out only in actual physical onservations. A lesion, a lump, a painful part... but it really started somewhere deep down inside of you, way before it came out physically.

Our bodies are intercomnected with nerve bundles that link to our vital organs. 

Two weeks ago, The ONE Core group (Thanks Coach Pia!) gave me a meaningful Mother's Day gift - the gift of LIFE. It's a preventive health management system from Europe that checks seven areas of our bodies. It goes from our vital organs, to our nerves, bones and blood, to our energy and mental state. All in all, it tests seven areas of our bodies, using non invasive and painless technology. It does all of that in 10 minutes. The theory behind LIFE is that way before our illnesses becomes physical manifestations, they first come out at the nerve level. After the nerve level, it manifests in the blood and hormones; then finally, at the physical level. LIFE scans your nerve bundles and comes up with readings of your nerves, blood, hormones and vital organs to detect areas of concern. 

The great thing about LIFE is it identifies not only where potential sicknesses might come out, but it also identified stressors. It makes recommendation based on a holistic approach, integrating lifestyle and medical advice that would best suit your condition. I think it's great that way because you can then adjust your day to day lifestyle to what your body needs.

My results came out quite interesting. Now the background is - I took the LIFE test right after a week long family vacation. No yaya. Enough said :). It also came at a time when I am at the end of a very long project at work that has literally taken over me... body and soul. Now without further excuses... here are my results.

I found it absolutely amazing that the 10minute assessment detected the over exhaustion in my body. It has been what I've been feeling since the beginning of the year- absolute, physical exhaustion. My job is not actually physically tiring per se, it's a lot more brain activity over physical activity. But the constant thinking and worrying do take a toll on you physically.

The second thing I loved about the assessment is the comment on being in a good mental state. I take pride in being an optimist, being generally happy... it really helps balance the daily stress I absorb. I loved that, despite everything, I still am in good harmony, and won't need my straightjacket yet. As a parent, I think it's most important for me to be in a good state of mental harmony to be able to raise my children well. Despite the fatigue, the physical toll... I'm happy to report that I'm safe hang around with!

Whatever your results may be, LIFE gives you a multipage report that talks about the different points of your body that was analyzed, as well as suggestions on how to address them. I was told that if I brought my report to an acupuncturist, they would be able to interpret the results and use acupuncture to restore the balance. I personally am looking forward to that.

If you know anyone who you think will benefit from LIFE, they may get in touch with our office and get 50% off the regular rate. Promo period is until June 30, 2014 only. For more details, please visit

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