Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Preschool Congress at The Medical City

I chanced upon this post from the Medical City on Facebook last Friday. It sounds like a really interesting seminar, and will really help a lot of parents out there who are at a crossroad about their kids educations. My husband and I have had to decide recently about whether to let our eldest stay at her current pre-school or whether we should send her to big school already. This literally took us 6months (although admittedly, we did a lot of procrastinating). It was definitely one of the toughest decisions we've had to make as a couple. We also had to decide whether to send our almost two year old to preschool or not. There were too many "what if" questions that kept popping up. We also knew very little about preschool education, or for that matter, education in general. Since both my kids are not yet 5, I am really interested in attending this seminar. I hope I can free up my schedule to go. Too bad we can't avail of the discount anymore. Still, 700 pesos is not so bad if your child's future is at stake right?

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  1. Too bad we're not available to attend. Would've loved to learn more.