Sunday, May 12, 2013

I cooked: Creamy Sweet Potato and Corn Soup

In Osaka, we discovered Soup Stock. They sell different types of soup, ready to drink and frozen too. It was quite a good find as they offered some very rich soup like hokkaido pumpkin soup, which was good enough to serve as a meal for my toddler S. We also got to try their Sweet Potato and Corn soup when they gave us a free taste at the Takashimaya foodhall. I personally love sweet corn, so it was big hit for me. K, my picky eater, also loved the soup. We went back to buy full servings, but that flavor had run out! I then resolved to try to make it when we get back to Manila.

So, here's my own version of Creamy Sweet Potato and Corn soup. As I'm more of an "invent your way into it" type of cook - I only have estimated measurements. I hope that you will be inspired to use this as a base for your own version! 

You will need, 1 medium sized sweet potato (we always get the ones that are orange inside),1 can of whole kernel corn (though creamed corn sounds like a good thing too, right?), 1 white onion, a few stalks of celery (we had this in the pantry, so I threw it in, but it really is optional!), 3/4 liters of chicken stock, and a cup of milk.

Chop the peeled sweet potato, onion and celery into small sized cubes.  To soften the sweet potato, I personally like to roast them by sealing them into a packet of foil and popping them into the oven toaster for about 15-20 minutes. It is my belief that doing this seals in all the nice nutrients of the sweet potato. You can opt to steam or boil if you like. 

Now here come's the one pot part. Saute white onion in oil until they are semi transparent (or you can smell them, then throw in the celery (1). After about 1 minute, pour in your chopped sweet potatoes (2). Keep stirring then pour in the can of corn (3).

My Craft

You can pour in the soup stock anytime after that, then slowly trickle in the cup of milk while stirring continuously (4). Leave the pot to boil for 15-20 more minutes to further soften the vegetables. Once the vegetables are soft, let the soup cool to room temperature, then blend into a soft, creamy consistency (5).

My Craft

I was pleasantly surprised by the result, the vegetables made the soup thick and frothy. Put it in a small shooter cup and it can be one of those "cappucino" style soups served in French restaurants (ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but it WAS good.)  Tip: if you are making this for a baby, run it through a strainer after blending to remove the stringy bits from the celery and the corn.

Hope this makes it to your dinner table soon, and do let me know if you liked it as much as we did!

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