Thursday, May 9, 2013

K's Point of View: Quiet Bunnies and Bionic Sheep

Her current favorite animal...
The other night, my now four year old daughter started asking me some very mind boggling questions. I gave them my best shot - why don't you give them a try?

K: Mommy, how come rabbits don't talk?
Me: Don't talk? What do you mean?
K: You know, like "meeeehhh" or "aaaaw aaaaw" or "meow"?
Me: Oh. Of course they talk, they are just very quiet. They make a sound like this "pffft, pffft..." (Okay - you tell me, what sound do rabbits make?!)
K: But why are they so quiet ?
Me: God made them quiet. If they were noisy, they would be too easy to catch. They'd be eaten by lions all the time. (Yes, isn't that how it is in the deep dark woods?)


But wait, it does not end there.

K: Mommy, you know, sheep eats the grass on the ground, but that's dirty. Won't they get owwie stomach?
Me: Their stomachs are strong.
K: Why? We're not supposed to eat dirt you know.
Me: I know but we are human beings. Animals are different. They have a way to filter out the dirt before the grass goes into their stomachs.

My science teacher would have been proud of  me.

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