Wednesday, May 29, 2013

K's Point of View: Talking to Ants

We always have a lot of black ants at home. I always wonder how they get in. Drop a speck of rice or bread on the floor and boom, in a matter of seconds, it is swarming with ants. How do they get there? They would have entered through some door, and we should have seen them march in, right? Anyway, black ants are supposed to be signs that some money is coming soon (even Michelle of MyMomFriday says so!), so we welcome them. Yes, we welcome them, but only if they come in pairs. Otherwise, we wipe them all up with a wet towel. (Sorry, ant-lovers).

Recently, we had this episode of ants on the floor again. It was K who spotted them. We counted... 1-2-3-4.... Ooops, too many. Hence, off husband goes for a wet rag. K takes it upon herself to warn them.

K: Hi ants!

Ants: Hi K! (i'm sure they replied, who can resist a cute four year old?)

K: Wait there, okay? Papa went to get a wet towel.

Ants: Wet towel for...?

K: He's going to wipe you.

Ants: (looks scared)

K: Don't worry, it will feel just like you're taking a bath.

She did warn them, didn't she? 

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