Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Luxury that is Brunch

Brunch, to me, is such a luxury. My normal breakfast is a cup of oatmeal on the drive to work, and (on most days) a tall cup of coffee to tide me over till lunchtime. On good days, I'll have a small pastry along with it. When I was pregnant, and while I was nursing - I would pass by McDonald's for pancakes... For the extra calories! For lunch, I would usually eat at my table while going through email, or paying bills online, or just catching up on "mindless" tasks (i.e. tasks that do not require my brain to fully function while I chew....) 

Brunch, to me, is a luxury. 

1. Brunch means I got to wake up later than usual that day. Brunch usually starts at around 10 o'clock right? That means no work!!!

2. Brunch means I get to eat fancy food, freshly brewed coffee, and someone will serve me my food. It means I will get a proper table setting, and a napkin for my lap too!

3. Brunch means I can dawdle over my food... I can sit, look at it, take pictures of it, Instagram it, talk about it, take small bites.... I don't have to scarf it down in 2 seconds because I am rushing to a meeting.

4. Brunch means there's someone beside me who I can share this beautiful, fanciful food with! I get a proper human being rather than a square screen. I get a proper reply, rather than a pop up message. I say what I want to talk about, and not have to type it out.

5. Brunch brings me back to good times. It reminds me of the year spent in grad school. It reminds me of the Easter Sunday brunch somewhere in the forests of Fontainebleau - that stretched to 4pm in the afternoon. It brings me back to carefree days.

Hence, I welcomed brunch with the SoMoms at Cafe 1771 in Ortigas with a lot of gusto. It was going to be all the good things I mentioned above... Plus SHOPPING! Before the shopping though... Let me show you the spread.

Our brunch menu.

The vegetable fritata, which i absolutely loved. It's actually a great idea to do this for leftover veggies too.

A favorite among the SoMoms, the salmon lasagna.

Thin, juicy slices of chicken picata.

Mini (and cheesy) croque monsieurs.

These pancakes were served with bananas and caramelized walnuts. Simple but super yummy!

It was an engaging morning, meeting and socializing with these group of moms (and dad) who are all so engaged in raising their kids and being better versions of themselves.  Now, that was indeed a perfect brunch - good food, good company and good conversation.

For your own mini event needs (not just brunch), check out Cafe 1771. In the El Pueblo branch where we went, there are areas at the second floor (this is actually the Wine Bar section) that can be converted into small private rooms. They are perfect for intimate get togethers. I honestly have not had lunch or dinner at Cafe 1771 recently... But if brunch is an indication, I am sure they will not disappoint. Now, this would be a little telling of my age... Cafe 1771 used to be a "dating place" back in the late 90's. It was Chateau 1771 then. This was the heyday of St. Francis Square, and The Podium did not exist yet. I was early 20's then and it sure felt very posh to go there. 

Now, didn't I promise some shopping? Watch out for my next post on mompreneurs and shopping! See you soon! In the meantime, why don't you go and try the luxury of Cafe 1771?

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