Sunday, September 15, 2013

Forgive the mess...

Seriously, moms, how do you juggle all the wonderful things you need/want to do with the finite set of time in your hands? I am constantly challenged by it. I have wonderful intentions... But reality is, something has got to give. Yesterday, with two hours to go before dinner (and I am blessed not to have to cook dinner every night)... I was again reminded of how little time there was in a weekend. I wanted to paint with the kids, write a blog post (yeah, to add to my --- insert sarcasm here --- 60 or so posts), and do a little organizing.

I ended up painting with the kids first...

... and then started 1 paragraph of a post.


I still had this to contend with (and believe me, i have lots more that are in worse condition).

I am reminded of something a colleague at work told me recently. She was lamenting to her mom about keeping a household, and having to rely on (ironically) unreliable household help. Her mom asked her, "(When you were growing up) did you think I liked keeping a disorganized house? Did you think I was naturally disorganized that way? It was simply because I wanted to focus on you (4) children before, and made sure you were taken cared of well, above anything else."

That sure strikes a familiar chord. In our busy lives, we all juggle many things (not only moms, but regular people too). Most often than not, we are juggling one extra ball too much, over what we are truly capable of. It is during these times when the most important balls prevail... Our children, our husbands, our family and friends.

So, please forgive the mess. I let the ball drop.

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