Friday, October 21, 2011

Mi Casa Home Cooking

Fried to a crisp!
I love fried pigeon. I especially like it when the skin is fried to a crisp (but not burnt) in a golden honey color. If there's one thing I looked forward to during "confinement" (or "ge-lai" - which is the one month period of pure Chinese torture after giving birth), it would be that I can have all the pigeon I wanted because it's considered to be very helpful in the strength regaining process of women who have just given birth.

For my second birth confinement, our friends Cons and Marie introduced us to Mi Casa's Spiced Fried Pigeon. It comes frozen - the entire bird sealed in see through packaging. It's also just the right size for one meal - perfect for an always hungry, breastfeeding mom! Our cook would chop the bird up into 4 pieces - each piece with either a wing or a leg. This is then fried to a crisp. The skin comes out looking perfect - and trust me, they are also crispy and tasty! There's no need to eat this with any condiments (not even the salt and pepper that's served in Chinese restaurants) - because it's marinated perfectly by Mi Casa. This pigeon is perfect to serve at home - and also as a gift to someone who has just given birth. It's convenient and easy to prepare.
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We kept going back for more - and discovered other Mi Casa cooked frozen specialties. My mom and sister loves the embutido - precooked and frozen for those days when you need a quick meal idea. They make a mean chicken embutido too. I checked out their freezer and there are a number of items I will definitely try in the future. They also sell pasta sauces, baked goodies and dips. Watch this space!

Check out Mi Casa at 57 Connecticut St., North East Greenhills. If you have time, check out their dine in restaurant, Angel's Kitchen, too.

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