Saturday, October 22, 2011

K's Point of View: Who has colds?

I started a blog because I wanted to share my life with my kids some day. I also wanted to share with them bits and pieces of their growing up years. I tried handwriting notes to my eldest daughter - and I almost filled up a small notebook - but I was never consistent! Worst of all - my husband says I have very bad handwriting. Today, I chanced upon a fellow mom's blog - Trisha's playtime break - where Mom Trisha shared the darndest things that her 2 year old son Matteo says. And so - here goes my own version - K's Point of View - from my toddler to you.

October 2011
K has developed a cold - and I was concerned that this may have come from school. So I ask her, "Is there someone in your classroom who has a cold?" She answers, "Yes!" I ask, "Who?" And she answers..."K!" 

How do you argue with that?

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  1. Kakatawa si K :) I can imagine.

    i also started writing journals for troy back in 208 (see post here and now that there are 2 of them, i write 2 journals! I don't get to write as often as i like especially since i have to write separately to 2 journals noq. That is also why i decided to revive my blog. So that on days when it's easier to just type and post pictures, they won't miss out on the events of those days.