Friday, October 28, 2011

Baby Plus and other deals from Quirks Marketing Philippines

Thanks to my cousin Cheps, I got to use Baby Plus with my two daughters. For K, I used it from the 24th week onwards, while for S, I used it from the 18th week onwards. To be honest, I do not have any experience taking care of a baby that has not listened to Baby Plus. I only speak for my two daughters - both were calm and not "cry babies." My second daughter S - who was on Baby Plus 6 weeks longer than K - started cooing earlier than her sister (before she hit the second month) and responding to people talking to her. On her 2nd month, S has started sleeping 5-6 straight hours at night. K, on the other hand, has grown up to become a very interactive and imaginative toddler (Check out my Time to Make Believe post here.) I believe the thub-thumping of Baby Plus has something to do with this. 

On November 12 - you can get your Baby Plus from the Quirks Marketing Philippines sale. You can also get your other baby and toddler gear needs! Check out their sale at the Atlanta Centre in Greenhills - where old and new stocks are to be sold at discounted prices. 
I myself want to check out their stuff - who knows, they might have these items, which I have been wanting to own!
Zinnia Rose Stroller Blanket (picture from
Perfect for toddler K who has started wanting blankets!

Paperdolls Wall Decals (picture from
A great way to spice up a door or a wall.
Kiddie Ride On (picture from
K would enjoy standing on this while baby S is in the stroller.

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