Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I didn't realize there's an actual term for it. Do you have a child born in the second half of the year? Have you thought about delaying sending him/her to school? There's an actual term to describe it... Redshirting!

Over the past several years, I've had discussions about this with fellow moms, and even some educators. I've hear of anecdotes about children who entered school too early, and were forced to "adapt" to school. Their handwriting turned out less nicer (because their fine motor skills were less developed). Some of them struggled with math concepts, or reading. There were also those who succeeded, and had not a lot of problems academically. In my own personal academic experience - I also had experiences with both. My birthday falls in the month just before school starts here in the Philippines, so I tended to think that I was just at the right age for that school year. I had friends who were a full 6months older than me, and I also had friends who were almost a year younger than me. I personally could not tell the difference.

To be honest, I have seriously considered redshirting my second child. It was very enticing - it means she can stay a full two years in progressive school, and it also gave me the remote chance of perhaps seeing her very successful in her future trad school. And she may end up with better handwriting. But then, she may turn out to be one of the oldest in her class. Who would her friends me? What would her younger friends think? What will she ask me if she graduates at an older age than her sister? Tough decisions.

 This article got me thinking again. It's actually a practical article... Does not cover all bases but it sure is logical enough to be followed. I'm sure educators all over the world have thought about the rules behind accepting kids of a certain age to kindergarten. Our role, as parents, should be to be standing alongside our kids year on year, guiding them through obstacles, cheering them on their successes and fully supporting them, whatever the outcome may be. 

Unless your kid is a superhuman or a truly gifted child, chances are they will struggle over some things. Some will struggle over science. Some will struggle over reading. Some will struggle over friendships. I look back at my own childhood and I really cannot recall a single person who was perfect at everything. I do recall the kids who had parents to support them all the way! So yes - before you think about redshirting... Think first about what you're willing to commit to your kids... With your support, they are sure to be successful! 

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