Saturday, April 13, 2013

If you're happy and you know it

I came across this inspiring article by Lisa Earle McLeod on not putting our own happiness on hold. I felt a connection to it immediately - because it's exactly how I choose to enjoy my life, by being constantly happy, BY CHOICE. My husband says I'm one of those irritatingly shiny, happy people of the world. I choose to find the good in every situation I end up in. I choose to smile, regardless of what tomorrow might bring. I find that it's a lot easier and healthier to look at the glass half filled rather than half empty.

Lisa (first name basis!) writes that research has shown that there are three factors that contribute to daily happiness and they are as follows:

1. Being part of something that brings meaning or a sense of purpose.

2. Being with family and friends.

3. Being kind and helping others.

She's so right to say that these things are all available to us right now - whatever situation you may find yourself in. I looked again into my daily routines and I realize the things that make me smile all do fall into one of these categories.

- The time I spend w my husband and kids - those precious minutes before bed are the icing to a long day.
- The sense of accomplishment after finishing a major presentation (regardless of how much nonsense went into the process - sometimes!) - and seeing that we've met our numbers.
- Answering a question from a twitter friend - or sharing articles with them.
- Smiling at the next person who walks in to my office and asks for a signature on a document.

Think of your day - what makes you smile? Those little pockets of sunshine are what makes you happy. Go ahead, take charge of your own hapiness. You deserve it.
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