Tuesday, April 24, 2012

K's Point of View: Still the favored one

Saying goodbye to K on Monday mornings are particularly difficult. Today, as I led her down the stairs for breakfast, we had this conversation.

K: Mommy, will you feed me?
Me: Not today, K, mom has to go to the office.
K: Aaaaw. But I like you to stay here.
Me: Mommy has to go to office to work. Remember those ballet shoes and dress you like? Mommy has to work so I can buy those.
K: I like pink! (how easily distracted!)
Me: So you stay here with Yaya A, and mom will get ready for work now ok?
K: But mommy, I like you to stay. How about si Papa nalang? (How about Papa?)
Me: What?
K: You stay here and Papa go to office!  
(DH has a schedule that's a lot more flexible than mine.... I don't think he'd like to switch with me though!)

I wish it were that easy, K! 

Fast forward to later in the afternoon, when one Yaya asked her "if you like papa to go to office, why do you keep following him around the house?"

K: Eh kasi mama is not here. (Because mama is not here).

2 points for Mom!