Tuesday, April 3, 2012

K's Point of View: I don't like that song

On the eve of K's birthday, DH was putting her too sleep, singing her a lullaby. I noticed she was tearing up. I asked her why she was tearing up... she was quiet for a few minutes, until I gave her a hug and asked again. DH and I were seriously disturbed.

K: Kasi (because) I don't like that song.
Me: Oh. Why, what song do you like?
K: Happy Birthday.

We love you K. The memories you give us are all priceless.


  1. haha. so cute. she cries because she doesn't like that song? does she know the lyrics or just the melody?

    1. she doesn't know the words yet, but i think she feels sad about the melody :) it was so precious to see her lying there, tearing up... small tears literally coming out the corners of her eyes!