Sunday, February 19, 2012

Be Kind to Your Child

Inspired by this post, 100 Ways to be Kind to your Child, I started thinking about my own ways of being kind to my children. 

1. Tell them you're sorry, and mean it.
2. Be affectionate to them, every chance you get.
3. Never mind that you will be late, spend an extra five minutes giving them a morning cuddle.
4. Surprise them by picking them up from school once in awhile. Try not to be late.
5. Give them flowers (I have girls!).
6. When they're on the potty, stoop down and look at them at eye level.
7. Let them skip school for a vacation with the family.
8. Be their prince (from DH).
9. Tell them about how much their parents love each other.
10. Listen to them like you understand every little mispronounced word they say.
11. Explain things to them like they would understand, even if they don't (yet).
12. Make up words to songs, replace words in songs, SING with them. Even if you're off key.

Tomorrow, I am printing the 100 list and posting it at my desk to remind me every day how important it is to be kind to my children.
photo by sweetonveg


  1. thanks! and thank you for your letting me borrow your photo :)

  2. great ideas :) this is a great reminder how to be kind to our kids. definitely, the world will be a better place.