Sunday, July 27, 2014

What's in a #citysuper?

Mom had asked me to look for something specific, and we only had a few hours left before we had to go to the airport. But even in that quick trip, I managed to snap some pictures of stuff that I wished local grocery stores carried. A trip to any grocery store abroad would always make me feel like I am missing so much. Check these out and tell me if your mouth does not water.

Dark, dark Japanese kyoho grapes. I checked, they really are called kyoho, from "kyoho budo", literally meaning "giant mountain grapes."

Lots of Japanese condiments. I did not have time to check out each one but I did manage to grab a bottle of dashi granules. Hope to make some chawan mushi as soon as I figure out the instructions on the bottle!

Wagyu! At 20% off! We got a free taste too. No pictures of the free taste, we gobbled it up too quickly.

All kinds of organic stuff. This is organic pork fron Denmark - it came in all kinds of cuts. I can only find sinigang and adobo cut here in Manila.

I find it hard enough to source kale and arugula in Manila, let alone baby ones.

French foie gras flown fresh, now that's quite a mouthful. I am not a regular consumer of foie gras (disclaimer) because I've read how cruel some farms are to the geese. I am perfectly happy with chicken liver for my regular dose of vitamin A. But some of these, once in awhile, sure would be a happy pill.

I first tried mozzarella di bufala at a wet market in Rome. The lady picked up one ball, cut it in half, and drizzled some evoo on it. I was hooked. I later learned that the cheese had to stay in its own liquid, and kept constantly cold. No chance for me to bring it home. Finding it in hk means there's no need to go all the way to Europe to find it.

And for my grand finale... Jamon from Spain! Hubby and I love spanish tapas. The jamon iberico was a personal fave. There is a jamon counter in all citysuper stores to suit your fancy. Jamon is also quite easy to bring home too as the meat is naturally preserved, and the packaging is so flat. In fact, it was so flat, I misplaced ours and only found it again when we got back to Manila. Yup, I got to bring home a piece of citysuper!

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