Saturday, June 29, 2013

DIY Keychain Name Tags

There are a lot of commercial places/websites today where you can order personalized bagtags and name plates for your children. I've ordered from these places myself - they have all sorts of designs and characters. I even some from Pin of I-Prints for the little guests at my second daughter's 1st birthday party, as a special personalized souvenir. They make lovely presents for classmates and teachers too! Recently though, being the last minute person that I am - with school fast approaching, I had to make some impromptu bag tags for my daughter. I was thinking of just printing her name off the printer and having them laminated at the nearest National Bookstore.

When I got to National Bookstore, these were hanging beside the cashier.

Lightbulb moment, bright idea. I could print the info on paper, decorate with a strip of washi tape, and voila, instant keychain or name tag. 

For my keychain, I wanted information on both sides of the keychain. I cut the info into small strips and attached them back to back with washi tape at the bottom and at the top. Just make sure you center the information, leaving just enough space for about half the width of the washi tape. Fold the washi tape over to the other side to decorate other side. If you don't have information on the other side, you can always decorate the entire back portion with washi tape too.

I think I will be making a lot more of these in the future. They are cheap and great looking too.

My washi tape were all bought from Paper Chic Studio, curated by my fellow SoMom, Cai.

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  1. thank you for sharing. i am looking for a souvenir for my youngest's baptismal and your d-i-y keychain is a good idea.