Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tried and Tested: Mustela Lait de Toilette

Mustela was introduced to me by my friend Marie who was using the Mustela Physiobebe no rinse cleansing fluid on her son. Since then, I've been using various products from the Mustela range of baby and child friendly toiletries.

For rashes on the face, the physiobebe worked perfectly well, clearing rashes around the mouth within 24hours. My eldest daughter uses the Medela soap bar and lotion so that her skin is adequately moisturized. She has a tendency to scratch her skin when it gets dry, leaving red marks all over. Her doctor recommended that her skin should always be moisturized as dryness can make skin feel itchy.

Recently, my 9 month old daughter developed rashes on her neck, inside the folds where air rarely gets a peep in. This time, the physiobebe did not work to clear it out. I guess the area was so hidden, and would get chafed regularly. The summer heat was also not helping - with my baby's neck being soaked in sweat most of the time. I brought out the Lait de Toilette which we have not used since physiobebe was so great. We used the milk cleanser for cleansing her neck area... And just after a few wash ups - the rashes were gone! They have not come back since then.

I don't have a scientific explanation for it but, as a mom, I believe it kept my daughter's skin sufficiently soft and clean without leaving it too dry to get irritated. It may also have left a thin barrier of protection that did not allow the sweat to seep in too much.

The Lait de Toilette promises to gently cleanse - due to its milky texture. It's plant oils also prevents the skin from drying out - keeping the skin's hydrolipidic film (the skin's natural protective barrier) intact.

Mustela Philippines has various branches all over Metro Manila. Contact their hotline +63-917-8959988 or visit their website for more info.

This post is not sponsored by Mustela.

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