Saturday, June 2, 2012

K's Point of View: Like who?

Confession: I am one of those parents who allow my child to watch tv while eating. Before I had kids, I said I will not allow this habit. Around 10months into K's childhood... I gave in. I have various reasons  for allowing it - but deep inside me, I have convinced myself that she will outgrow this by the time she's five. I have 2 years to go, so help me God.

The other day, she was again having dinner at her small table... but the TV was turned off (Yippeee). I always take those opportunities to let her know how pleased I am.

Me: K, that's very good, you're having dinner without watching TV.
K: Yes Mom... because you know, your eyes will come out (with matching gesture of eyes coming out).
Me: Your eyes will come out?
K: Yes - yaya told me if you watch tv all the time, your eyes will come out.

Intermission: My grandma has had one eyeball removed, due to a bout with a brain tumor more than twenty years ago. K is a bit scared of her. When K refers to eyes coming out, I always assume she's referring to my grandmom. And I always take that chance to tell her about grandma's sickness.

Me: Oh, okay. So your eyes will come out, huh?
K: Yes (eyebrows going up and down, hand gesturing that her eyes will pop out.)
Me: And when your eyes come out, you will be like who? (in my mind, she will say "thay-mah" - or my maternal grandmother)
K: (with her mouth full) pungeponge sparepants.
Me: Who?
K: Pungeponge Sparepants!

Oh ok. At least watching TV has taught her NOT to watch too much TV.