Thursday, January 19, 2012

What I am looking forward to in 2012

1. Trips
DH and I love going on trips - whether it be a short drive to try out a restaurant outside of the city , a quick weekend getaway by the beach, or a long adventure somewhere far away. It is always a welcome moment to be able to recharge. Because of the many great deals in 2011 - we were able to line up a number of trips for 2012. With more long weekends scheduled this year... we should be able to schedule a few more, and perhaps with the little ones in tow too. Hooray for more memories!
On our 2012 list!

2. Birthdays
I missed the exact year... but at some point in my life, I lost all excitement for my birthday. When K was born in 2009, my birthday marked her 1st month - hence it became a semi-celebration. This year, K is turning 3 and like all children her age, has a penchant for blowing out birthday candles. This has made birthdays a lot more exciting - with my DD singing the birthday song at the top of her lungs, and blowing out candles with all enthusiasm. That alone is enough for me to want a cake on my birthday.
This year too, my little baby ball S is turning 1. This means an excuse for me to plan a party, and to squeeze out my creative juices to make it a memorable one. I had fun planning K's 1st birthday party - even creating her video presentation by myself. I am sure to have even more fun with this second round... in fact, I already have some ideas in my head.

3. Foodie Nights (or Mornings)
I promised DH that I would make more of an effort to have date nights or breakfast dates with him this year. Due to my 60 hour work week - I tend to focus too much on the children on weekends. Short of a minor emergency, I would refuse to leave their sides. I do admit though that I feel guilty about it all the time! This year - I vowed to myself that that will change. So, here comes the list of new places to try... first two up on the list, Lolo Dad's and Milky 'n Sunny.

at a tapas bar
4. Ebates, Groupon, CashCashPinoy, Ensogo, DealGrocer...
Need I say more? Some may argue that I end up spending more on these sites. On the contrary, I say I end up saving a lot more. First, on Ebates, I actually get real cash (I made $52 in the 1st wk of 2012). Second, on groupon sites, I get stuff I like at a discount - and these help to fuel #3 (restaurant deals) and #1 (trip deals) above. Humor me. I work 60 hour weeks, and usually spend all weekend tending to the girls. Shopping, physically, is a luxury.

5. Developing myself
 Start a small business? Write a children's book? Try out new recipes? Learn crochet?
Is 2012 the year when I make these?

Can I channel the Martha Stewart in me?
Maybe, maybe not. I look forward to these small discoveries about myself - what I can do, what I can create, what I enjoy doing. Who knows what talent is hidden deep in the recesses of this boring number crunching brain of mine.

 What do you look forward to in 2012? Happy new [dragon] year!


  1. i look forward to being able to touch more lives this year.. and to continue with our homeschooling journey. i also look forward to trips - finally! :D

    hope you achieve your goals and dreams! :D

    1. thanks Chris! if i achieve at least one, then i would have succeeded. good luck on your homeschooling journey, i salute you. Look forward to reading about them.

  2. Ebates! I have to check that out :)