Saturday, December 31, 2011

K's Point of View: It's all about giving

Tonight, as I carried my little girl up to bed, I gave her a big hug - thinking how blessed I am. My husband has just celebrated his 3xth birthday, I had just put my 4 month old baby to bed with breastmilk and cuddles - and then it was my toddler's turn.

Me to K: I love you.
K: I love you too.
Me: Mommy's very happy. You know why?
K: Yes.
Me: Why?
K: Because you give your presents to me!

Such an endearing little thought from my 2year old... but so true too. As a mom, I've been truly blessed to have given to my 2 daughters throughout the year - in whatever form it might be. And tonight - I again remember that it is in giving to others that we start receiving a lot more blessings.

As 2011 comes to a close - I pray that I have touched the hearts of many this year in giving a part of me. In the coming new year, may I be able to share a little bit more.

Happy New Year - from our humble home!