Thursday, September 8, 2011

One quarter housewife, three quarters dreamer

I have a confession to make. Despite the middle name of my blog title - I am only really one quarter of a housewife. I don't actually have a "house" to manage since I live with my mother-in-law. Lucky me though, she does most of the managing of the household. I also get along well with my MIL (no, she does not read this blog) and hence have had no conflicts with her, after 5 years of marriage.

Having no house to manage also leaves me with "very" little to do as a "housewife." I still do my own share of "housewife-y" things though, like:

1. Ensure DH and toddler DD has meals that they like (and are willing) to eat. Sometimes this entails I may have to cook a viand or two - but this is rare. Our cook (managed by MIL) usually has something for everyone.
2. Ensure that the two DD's things are in order - clothes washed properly, they have enough supplies (toiletries, snacks, vitamins, medicine, breastmilk, laundry detergent etc.), outgrown clothes packed away....
3. Pack DH's things for his trips - or for our trips together.
4. Choose the best for my dear family whenever I can - the best vitamins, the best type of soap/laundry detergent, organic vegetables, and so forth.
5. Manage schedule of the family and make sure either DH or myself or both are available when needed - school for toddler DD, PTCs (This is new this year!), doctor's visits for the 2 DDs, weekend events, trips, family outings...
6. Manage the two yaya's (and their relationship with the rest of the household help - enough said.)
7. Prepare DH's baon for the times when he's not in Manila... this is less frequent now because of my lack of time (sadness - because i truly enjoy this) - and with DH's schedule (he spends more time in Manila now - yey!)
8. Expense management for the 2 DDs
9. Queen over DH and my room (and T&B)... and now also the kid's room.
10. Oh, must not forget - i also do trips to the grocery to stock up on household supplies, as and when needed.

So that sums up my quarter of a housewife role - but it still leaves me craving for more. I dream of becoming a FULL housewife, and doing things like:

1. Planning the weekly menu, on a weekly grocery budget
2. Managing an impeccable kitchen, pantry and refrigerator.
everything in it's proper place
3. Clean surroundings - less clutter!

4. Matching sheets and well made bed.

5. Breakfast/Brunch on Sundays for the family
simple breakfast fare
6. Organic Food (everyday)?

7. Environmentally Friendly Cleaning
And the list goes on --- today, it is all but a dream, but I know I have to keep brushing up on the basic skills in order not to shock my system when I reach that stage. Now, let me sign off, and start tidying up  the bedroom first!

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